Heritage Hill Show Stables

Situated on 30+ acres along Rt 248 in Northampton PA, Heritage Hill Show Stables at Molasses Creek Farm offers a full service Hunter/Jumper Equestrian Facility with impeccable care, training and horse shows.

Led by Trainer Laura Zaharek our lesson program ranges from beginners learning the basics of horse care and riding to advanced riders competing at A rated shows.

2019 Brass Ring at Devon 



 2020 Colonial Classic Finals Lead Trainer award



 2018 Colonial Classic Finals



Great care, top o the line facility, great training, and wonderful people.  Heritage Hill at MCF is a perfect place to take your riding to the next level and make sure your equine partner is happy, healthier and cared for!



 Molasses Creek Farm is a first rate show stable that is a family run, fun, and inviting environment. From the exceptional, individualized attention and care to each pony/horse on site to the experienced, and dedicated trainers, this barn goes above and beyond any expectations! As an overprotective mother and horse owner, I would not trust my daughter or pony anywhere else. I can rest easy knowing my pony is in the best possible care with the knowledgeable and caring staff. The trainers are seasoned, decorated riders who take a personal interest in every equestrian they train. They not only push the girls to their reach fullest riding potential but also instill good horsemanship, a sense of responsibility, and a solid work ethic that they will benefit from in life! It’s been over 10 years since we’ve joined this amazing barn family and we have so many great memories and friends because of it!   


 Sue Horn
Mother, Boarder